Welcome to my space of Therapies Integral



I'm Susana Herrero Ponce "Su-Sana" and I want to introduce you to what I do through my website.

Feeling of the information that I show you, beyond the limits, to enter into a world of greater possibilities for action and healing in your life.

If you choose to, I can accompany you in improving your well-being in a holistic or integral, that is to say, addressing "the issues" very complete, from the plane, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

I want to tell you that another world is possible,

do you dare to play it?

Remember that you are a spiritual being living a physical experience.


Our thoughts and beliefs create emotions, these make us to perform acts that they grow into habits...and so we are building our life and destiny.

Therefore, it is very important to discover who we really are, and that “materials” are shaping our lives from the unconscious.


Become the invisible to the visible.

What do you think...what you believe.

* If you find yourself caught up in some emotional conflict that is repeated. In any relationship or problems at work, family, etc

* You find yourself with any physical ailment that you fail to remove.

* Do you feel blockade with the economy in your life, projects and work.

* Don't you get out of situations of anxiety, tension, depression, prolonged stress, etc

* You are not aligned with your life's mission. Do you really know her?

* You have tried many techniques and not have worked for you.


* Recovery of balance and well-being in the field and plane affected.

* Depth in the healing to directly address the root of the problem

* Improvement of the quality and fluidity in the projects of life, you have released the locks.

* Addressing all aspects that might influence a conflict to resolve it definitely, and not still drunk.

 * Knowledge and change the beliefs and emotions that are stuck in any area of life.

* Discovery of the plan and mission of life.

* Obtaining greater security on one yourself to discover the potential and remove the veils.


      "Remember that all matter is energy in vibration,

if you change your vibration, you change your state"