Method Vibrational, Essences And Homeopathy


Through the testing bioenergy is determined which is the flower, composed of floral, homeopathy, or composed of vibration that the person needs to guide the healthy way the emotions and feelings of unbalance.


The flower essence is the energy field subtle or vibration of the plant. 

Made prepared from wild-type plants and trees made from flowers at their peak bloom, which are immersed in water and exposed to the sun or boiling point and ends at a dilution drinkable.

Flower essences act in all living things: humans, animals and plants. They are compatible with alternative treatments and allopathic not replaced. Do not have contraindications, there is no risk of overdose, do not have side effects and do not lead to addiction

Its therapeutic properties work on the imbalances of the mind that give rise to somatizaciones.

We extend the range of possibilities and applications, taking into account all these combinations and compounds floral:








“Probably the biggest lesson of our lives is to learn to be free, free of the circumstances of our surroundings, of other personalities, and, above all things, to free ourselves, because up to that not what we are, we will be unable to stop that flow of our true nature and thus bring it to the world”.

Edward Bach



Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that favors the reaction of the sick body through the application of the Law of similarity.

The philosophy of homeopathy is based on take advantage of the active principles of natural origin to strengthen our body and protect it from external aggressions. 

The compound homeopathic is made from The dilution of the active ingredient natural, which dissolves with water and alcohol and is pivoted and power. There different potencies (C, CH, X,M,..). The extract is presented in the form of pellets homeopathic or in a drinkable solution.

As a complement to work with the different emotions (sadness, fear, insecurity, doubt, shame, anxiety, anger, etc) we take into account the homeopathic remedies that affect them.


Working with compounds vibrational extracted through waves of frequency electrodynamics, that work in the field subtle. Working with more than 500 wave form and is normally administered in distilled water.

I want to highlight the great work done by the japanese Masaru Emoto and his book Messages from Water. Where to us to know, as the water has the property to conform to the stimulus that receives the vibration and frequency type to which it is subjected.

Emoto presents to us through his experiments, such as the ideas, words, and sounds, acting on the water molecules, transforming them into beautiful crystal structures or distorted and chaotic.

In the same way, as our body is composed of 70% water, depending on the vibration of the things that we say, think, feel, eat, etc...thus shall it be the vibration that will come to our waters and to all of our cells, creating harmony and balance or chaos, imbalance, and may result in health or disease.




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