The decoding is a method for those who want to delve into your deep self and make changes in your life.

The goal is to change deep beliefs and to release blockages of emotional and mental, looking for the conflict root that originated in the unconscious memory.

Everything in life has a why and for what. To understand what will happen the things that happen, find meaning, and also with the advantage of being able to fix them.

All healing has to come from the inside, the outside can bring some relief organic, but the goal is to remove the clutter, find your balance and learn the lesson that he carried with him.

Decoding Natural and Emotional, it employs a set of techniques based on:

  • German New Medicine
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Study of Transgenerational 
  • Hypnosis Direct Down
  • Access protocols and change of the unconscious – Beliefs

With these tools we can locate the required information in the Unconscious and in the memory, where to find the relevant data with which we form our Beliefs.

It is of utmost value to find out if there are inconsistencies between what we think, feel, and do, and which situations we are causing in our day-to-day.

This search we will be able to do it at all periods of life:

  • Chronological Life Span
  • Childhood
  • Birth
  • Fetal Life
  • Project Parents
  • Sense of Life
  • Life mission
  • Past experiences (past lives)

Once identified, the patterns and beliefs, working to transform them into tools we can use conscious and not be driven unconsciously. To understand that arose, and that I have provided. Hence, accept and integrate the experiences and turn them into tools for our life.

The person only has to be left to accompany, and will remain attentive and aware throughout the process, to make decisions and manage their emotions so lucid. 

Normally in very few sessions noticeable changes, and in a single session already does a deep work with the symptom.

Some topics can be:

  • Physical pains that do not get deleted, both acute and chronic 
  • Food intolerances and allergies
  • Emotional conflict 
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Sense of life, consciousness, and profound changes


The Family Tree of a family is the great map of the treasure of our life. It is quite common to find that some of the locks that don't allow us to move forward come here. So, it discusses the conflicts that can detect (violence, secrets, legacies, cheating, etc), that we may be affecting our current life in different area such as our economy, work, relationships, fertility, etc analysed, puts consciousness and rebalances the system through difetentes exercises.


It is a working tool and a very deep one, is performed in the unconscious of the person, that is where you reside, all the memories, beliefs and emotions of our whole existence. It is said that this manages 90% of our information, that would be the part of the iceberg that is not seen, and the aware would be the 5% visible.

It is necessary to have access to a state of relaxation where the person can stop thinking with your conscious part that has streamlined everything and begin to feel, and let out the emotions contained or blocked, to release all the experience and power to be retained and managed.

The power to access the unconscious greatly facilitates the task of solving a conflict, since that is where the conflicts saved more profoundly, where we the seating to be the way we are, from where we relate and from which we originate all our life from our decisions and ways of thinking.

Through the HDR we can access a new vision, a new point of view, leaving our mind to create a new reality for us, much more healthy and balanced. This is what makes a learning and change.

Hypnosis Directly Down, makes it possible to access information from this life, childhood, and even in the fetal period, memories hidden or seemingly erased from the mind. Even we can refer to past lives, where people can find the information we need to resolve a conflict that we have today. 

In the H. D. R. provides a state of relaxation, deep where the person never loses control, he is aware of what is going on and you can stop it and return to the present moment when you want it.

With this technique you can tackle any type of conflict, both physical and emotional,  (self-esteem, addictions, fears, ..) Is also directed to work with any kind of belief that is affecting our lives and that we consider to change it.


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