Therapy Mystical, Reiki and Shamballa. 

Treatment with Fildalas and Holosynthesis

The therapy mystical, reiki and Shamballa these are therapies that help you to connect with your essence, with the Universal Love and Unity. Working in release, unlock, balancing, cleansing, energizing and connection, through the high frequencies that harmonize all of our bodies, physical, and etheric.

The harmonisation of the structures of energy, you can free yourself from limitations and transform your life. It is common to re-connect with the wisdom within, and so come to understandings of consciousness.

In addition to being able to get a deeply profound states of relaxation, which can relieve physical ailments, emotional, and mental-related stress, anxiety and exhaustion, long-term.

You can experience it like stepping into a meditation where it expands the electromagnetic field and you can enter into another level of consciousness.

The treatment with Fildalas it consists in the exposure of the person to the vibrational frequencies higher that contain the images empowering and channeled for healing of all beings.

It is a help to the self-transformation, to raise the energy vibration and thus heal what you need and can be at this point in the journey of evolution of each person.

The holosíntesis it is a set of designs in the form of sacred geometry, based on images of nature (mineral, plant and animal). Aims to restore the balance of the person and regain their health, energy, physical, mental, and emotional.

Applying the test of kinesiology, it is observed that when projected on the body the image of a trace element (mineral kingdom), a plant (plant kingdom) or a protein (animal kingdom), there is a reaction equivalent to the ingestion of each of those elements.

Holosíntesis transforms images of nature according to mathematical patterns consistent with the sacred geometry, to create a mandala. This mandala or Holosíntesis, contains the information to retrieve the memory cell and activate own patterns of healing living beings.

Consists in the projection of images on the body in order to restore the balance of the person, increasing their well-being (both in the physical realm-cell as in the energy-psycho-emotional).

It is easy, comfortable and for all over the world. It is also used to children, animals and, of course, can be done at a distance.



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