Unlock Integral SAAMA

It belongs to the new generation of Therapies Quantum that are revolutionizing the world of healing and coaching at a speed of vertigo.

It is a system Therapeutic, bio-energy and Quantum, which integrates multiple healing techniques and allows you to rebalance the entire body in a holistic way.

It is usually performed on a massage table or chair comfortably relajad@

It is used to test kinesthetic and a connection with the unconscious of the person to know the sources of the problem. Once you have identified a protocol applies quantum through the intention and energy to achieve balance is the principal cause, in addition to other possible motives that are detected and they were fixing the problem, such as blocked emotions, weaknesses, discordant energies, etc

Simultaneously working on the physical body, mental, emotional, and spiritual, to find in depth any aspect that may be interfering with the rest, and thus creating the conflict or imbalance.

The causes that generate imbalances, are both in a specific topic such as by the accumulation of multiple factors, which the therapist will be tested to find the cause or causes.

Some may be:

– By beliefs and limiting patterns

– Emotions-toxic

– Imbalances and structural biochemistry

– For people, relationships

– Obstacles in the transgenerational

– Past lives

– Interference from other dimensions

– Discordant energies, geopatías, etc






Everything that surrounds the business is in order tandendo, the people involved, the intentions, things, places, emotions, etc, This creates an energy field that affects the development of the same.

If your company is not moving forward as would be expected, it is possible that there is some blockage in any of the components involved.

Issues to keep in mind:

– What is the place, name, logo, ... is the most appropriate for this business?

– Are there external energies that you are harming or braking? 

– What the employees are aligned with your goals?, what the relationship between them, or between the partners is optimal for the business? 

– Is there something in yourself or your employees that is preventing the success of your business?





The SAAMA Coaching is to unlock the themes that never cease to move forward and achieve the goals that the person wants to achieve in your life.

Identify the obstacles that are interfering through the unconscious, the energy work with the locks and define the actions that the person needs to make in his life.

Issues such as the lack of security in one's self, fears, relationships, limiting beliefs, traumas, and much more. 




It consists in making the connection with a house, a business or any other space. Taking into account the data of the place, who live or work in that site and in the situation that need to be balanced.

It is ideal to have a basic level of the place, in order to test the potential energy loads that may be affecting the living beings that inhabit it.

Lines Hartman and Curry, geopatías, terrain, relationships, etc

These energies can cause discomfort and imbalances with both physical and emotional: pain, headache, fatigue, insomnia, hyperactivity, negativity, lack of energy, blockages in the flow of your life, etc



It is a therapy where you work many aspects that may be blocking the abundant flow of money to the person.

We review the beliefs and programs limiting, family issues pending, effects of past lives, karma, patterns, assets, gaps and many more details.

Working in a profound way, seeking to achieve the abundance you arrive, to maintain itself and grow.  




In the Review Energy SAAMA, is checked:

-Cracks in the aura. 

-Flow of the Chakras, their alignment, and which are 100% open and active.

-The 12 main Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

-Energies of the environment.

-Locks of other dimensions

-Energy function of the organs




A very important area for the person, is to know if a pending issue in your family tree to or of some past life, it may be influencing negatively in your current life.

You figure out the details that might be blocking any area in the present. It is of incredible help in addition, knowing that the lesson is that the person was dragging, generándole locks, and thus be able to heal it and not to repeat the negative patterns that were affecting you.




SAAMA is very useful in fertility treatments, because it opens a wide range of all the possibilities that could be affecting the time of not being able to have a child. 

As are the emotional aspects, beliefs, biological issues, the environment, etc., in Both the conscious, but especially those that are at an unconscious level.

We also review blocked emotions in the reproductive systems of both, as well as any other state that may be influencing the relationship. To make you aware and in addition with the therapy to unlock it.




It is ideal to help the animals because they like people, they have a physical body, emotional and energetic. Identify and remove blockages and problems that may be physical, somatizaciones of human, etc

If during the sessions it is detected that the problem is related to something relative to his owner, also it would be work appropriate and to advise you of changes that may be needed.

It is very beneficial and easy for the animal, because it does not require contact or physical intervention. 

It is fully compatible with other veterinary treatment or otherwise.

And like in people, it can also be made at a distance.



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