Activation Energy KUNDALINI

Make a reconnection with the original energy. Release what is not part of your essence.

Tool holistic unblocks and balances the information that is found at the energy level in our different planes.

They activate the energy centers with their associated drawings, for that is the release of energy blockages. These can be for information suppressed, inherited trauma, and other imbalances.

It is a therapeutic process, where the energy is going to open up a path, and purifying what is not in our journey of evolution. The light will working on so that your bodies are ready to heal.

Working with the kundalini energy, toroidal and universal to generate healing in the different bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

You remain conscious throughout the session. And you can feel balancing, deliverance, healing, opening, unlocking, peace, joy,connection, reunion and love.

Simply lie down, close your eyes, let the expectations and surrender to the process.

You feel like!

Individual and group sessions, face-to-face and on-line.





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