Kinesiology And Method Essential Unity


The basic tool of work in Kinesiology is the test muscle, by means of which, is set, a communication system of double entendre, with the conscious and the unconscious mind of the person.

With the body language of the test muscle, the muscle decodes the information of the state of health of the individual. So you can evaluate the imbalances that there is in the body and address the person in a comprehensive way in its dimensions, structural, biochemical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual.

A field of application of the kinesiológia is in nutritional imbalances. For some food deficit, both for not being ingiriéndolo or not to be absorbed properly by the body. The testing we detected that nutrient is and what is the cause of your imbalance.

A very important aspect for the physical therapist is to determine and perform the appropriate questions to the agency and to understand the answers if we understand it as a conversation. 

What makes it so special to this technique of testing bioenergy, is that you get to the root cause and root of the problem. As well as to clarify the techniques or therapies to use, more convenient to correct the imbalances found.


Using a test kinésico (muscle, biotensor, pendulum, etc.), it asks about the cause of the imbalance at all levels (structural, chemical, energetic, emotional,...). Could also memory cell, ancestral,etc

From there, you can use the Essences Triunity to correct and give us information of the situation that is going through the person. Then, it delves into the emotional states conditioned, where we go testing, and correct, with different protocols and techniques of liberation and rebalanced.

You can try any aspect of imbalance of people of any age, without any side effect.


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