The new Therapy LNT

As I met the LNT The New Therapy®I felt very drawn to her, to follow the line of work with the therapies that I use, holistic, energy and quantum. Address 3 axes of healing, the physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Physical illness do not start alone, but that first manifest as alterations in our energy body caused by physical trauma, emotional distress, poor feeding, inherited patterns, memories, karmic, etc... which will then appear on biochemical changes to finish changing the information of a cell and with it coming to the illness of our physical body.

This process can take years, leading to unexplained pains, low moods without reasons or even chronic diseases of unknown origin.

The impact of these traumas, unresolved or legacy can deform the body for energy, create congestion, leakage energy, etc, which gives rise to multiple imbalances for that, many times, the person has not found an explanation.

In many cases, the people who come to The New Therapy® with this type of problems are that the medicine has not been able to give an explanation to everything that happens, because all the evidence that I have practiced offer negative results to reveal a possible specific cause.

Have you searched for a remedy for any discomfort or disease and you have not found a solution or explanation for them? It is normal since there are many variants that may be to generate her and not taken into account in the conventional treatments.

There are "memories" that can get trapped in the body's energy/ emotional person, where you are going to generate frequency changes that will affect cells, organs, as well as all the physical body, causing pain or diseases due to excess or lack of energy.

In the first place, we will treat, with the First Axis, the area of pain to reset a fluctuation appropriate energy on the affected part. Subsequently, to erase the memories of the emotional trauma responsible for this change of frequency, we will use the axes more energy, Second and Third.

With the use of the three axes, we will perform a comprehensive treatment that will bring healing to the origin of these physical pains of emotional nature.

They are also working remotely very effectively. All this is complemented through the dowsing therapy of the LNT®️, with which you can balance the index of the vitality of the person in need.

We remember that one of the most common symptoms of this pain manifests itself in a vital force psychic low. Even so, we will measure and we will upload also the physical life force.

“The care of the energy body is essential for good health.”


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