About me

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Here's a summary of my story

Hello I am Susana Herrero, I am going to try to make a summary of my career... at the age of 27 I had a crack in my life, as though everything that could have to be happy (a job that I liked, couple, friends, family,...) was not.

Time passed and nothing gave me the answers that my soul needed, something inside of me told me that life had to be something bigger and deeper that what I lived in the big city.

So I left everything and went to travel the world. I grabbed an empty backpack of money, but full of desire to learn, and so I jumped in to find “something” to give sense of existence.

I was 6 years by America and India, living all sorts of very interesting experiences... as the desire to learn, the opening, the loneliness, the different cultures, ...I were bringing the answers I sought, it was like a long “Road to Santiago”.

Here I just want to resumiros that I found most important,.... to me, the meaning of life, spirituality, the Be. As they say "the seeking of truth...lies"..

All these experiences made me realize that life has no limits, that we have infinite possibilities each day to decide what we want in life, and how we can fully rely on it!!

It is essential to listen to when it's time to change, to recognize the different stages that we must go through, and you have to be consistent with the un@ mism@. Have the courage to drive the necessary changes and listen to the emotions, which are the messengers of when something is or is not for you.

Apart from the experiences, everything I was carrying to learn and train in different topics of self-knowledge and spirituality. Lived in communities with spiritual Teachers, developing different practices of self-awareness and encounter with the Being.

And little by little I started forming in Yoga, Meditation, Homeopathy, Radionics, Massage, Reiki, holistic Kinesiology, Healing akashica, Hebrew Pendulum Therapy, mystical, Decoding emotional, Biomagnetism, Unlock integral Saama, Flower essences Triunity, Method of essential unity, Bioingenieria quantum, LNT, Activation, Kundalini, ...and I'm still in continuous learning.

I founded with my partner in the project With Life and Consciousness to spread a healthy lifestyle and natural. Through workshops, courses and conferences, mindful eating, health retreats holistic, détox, yoga classes, relaxation and meditation.

If you think I can accompany you in your process, do not hesitate to contact me.

¡¡A hug and a good way!!