Sanación energética

Cleaning astral

On computers we use an antivirus to clean everything harmful to our computing device. Well, it is much more important to do it with our auric field, the different layers and energy centers are also contaminated with "electromagnetic viruses."

There are distortions of very diverse nature, some are actually as computer programs that we deviate from our coherence and life plans. Being able to intervene in one or several areas of our existence.

We cleaned physically our body and our home, but... what about energy?

It is important to understand that this cleaning is also necessary, and while not learn to do it ourselves, it is advisable to turn to specialized therapists to be performed.

We know that we are exposed to all kinds of energy during the day and the night, and sometimes we can get to sobrecargarnos and getting tired. As a result, you can produce states of fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, altered states of sleep, etc, And with time even we can make you sick.

Sometimes what we see very clearly, when you've logged in somewhere where you felt that the energy was as stagnant and you've gone from there in a bad mood without knowing why. Or you've been speaking with someone with negativity and with many complaints and you have gone like with a weight on top impregnated in your subtle bodies.

All this and other pollution energy that we don't know and who live among us from other dimensions, wearing our vital energy. 

Cleaning astral is performed in the physical body, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Eliminating the blockages that may be interfering in different areas of our lives, like relationships, work, relationships, health problems, etc ..

These are some energy blockages, which we can find:

  • Programs
  • Mental projections
  • Cracks and leakage energy
  • Hooks, ropes and covenants
  • Psychic attacks 
  • Entities and parasites
  • Implants
  • Portals
  • And many more...

A study is done with all the circumstances that surround each personal situation, identify the blockages that are hindering the free energy in the 7 subtle bodies of the person and the work is carried out to remove them.

Utilizando diferentes técnicas de la:

*Sanación Akáshica

*Péndulo Hebreo

*Desbloqueo integral SAAMA 2.0

*Terapia Mística

También se puede utilizar para equilibrar y limpiar: 






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