Quantum Bioengineering

It is a system of Therapeutic and Educational, working with the technology of the heart, through the pulse physical that connects us directly with our internal generator of bioelectricity and magnetism, which is an antenna for reception and transmission without limits.

It is based on the diagnosis through reading kinésica and quantum pulse cardiovascular focused on meeting the needs of the person, on the 3 planes of causation of disorders: external, internal, and dream.

It is through the emission frequency and vibration of sacred geometry, light frequencies, sound frequencies and quantum information consistent, disorders in the 13 fundamental structures of the human being: glands, organs, systems, biological, emotional, biochemical, fluids, energy, quantum, subtle, spiritual, unconscious, and the synergy between them.

It works on all kinds of disorders, and in all ages, in houses, projects, businesses, relationships, emergency,...

Of note is the cultivation of the pineal gland and the improvement of the Quality Frequency of the person.

The consistency with the heart, and often, it makes our vibration rises, unfolding so that our higher evolutionary potential.
We walked in this revolution of consciousness in order to manifest the reality that we are all One.


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